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Totally Trying This!!!!

A friend shared this and tagged me on Facebook. I have to totally do this. Having three kids, of course I have a million crayons.  I will post my results after 🙂 I may add almond extract to mine to … Continue reading

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Figuring things out

I know that after this new blog is complete ill be happy with the results, but wow! This has been one interesting, frustrating, exciting and huge learning experience. I sort of had an idea of what to expect when we … Continue reading

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Crochet Break/Hair Tutorial

I found the easiest way to curl my hair. It’s so long, and it’s a pain to curl. So I tried this and it worked perfectly!!

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Not Taking Care of Myself!

Laying in bed and not able to fall asleep. I feel ill, and it’s not from a cold or flu. My body just doesn’t feel healthy, and I’m to blame. I’m not over weight, I still have some extra pounds … Continue reading

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Evening Beauty Routine.

Over the years I have tried creating so many routines, I get bored, than go try a bunch of new products. In November of last year I met a wonderfully bubbly woman who was a Mary Kay consultant. Very enthusiastic … Continue reading

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5 Beauty Items I Can’t Live Without

I’ve been thinking of what to blog about next. Not much that is interesting seems to be going on in daily life (which I suppose can be a good thing). So I thought to do one on the top five … Continue reading

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