Crazy Summer Thus Far

I have been so busy this summer. It’s been crazy. Between going back and fourth from my parents lake house an hour and a half away, and my in-laws that is three hours away. Swimming at my in-laws in the city, and keeping the kids busy with all kinds of activities. School can’t come soon enough. I enjoy our fun, but I am exhausted. We have been having such a great time though, made more enjoyable because my hubby doctor took a month off from work and was able to enjoy it with us. It’s very lonely when I have to do all these things just me and the kids. We miss him.


He’s back at work now though and after this week we will be getting ready for school. Haven’t started our school shopping yet. I say after this week because my lovely cousin is getting married this coming Saturday and she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. So I have been primping and getting things in order for that. Picked up my dress a few days ago, and sent it in to have the hem done yesterday. I also went and got my hair coloured and made my appointment to have it done up on Saturday. I can’t wait. She’s going to be the most beautiful bride.


After all of this is done and organized I need to start crocheting again. Its been way too long and I have so much to do. My friend and I are going to enter a craft show in November and I need to make a lot of things before November comes. I have done a little off and on, but no way near what I need to have done. Pretty soon I’ll be crocheting day and night to get it all done. I just haven’t had time, and when I did have some time I haven’t been motivated.



About Lise

Hello! Welcome to my life. Stay at home mom of three, and wife to a first year resident doctor. I spend my time cleaning, cooking, organizing, and balancing everything on one foot, as well as helping my mum run her etsy shop ( I add some of my creations sometimes) Check out On The Dock Knits on etsy, or the blog When I can, I love to take photos and crochet, I also love everything makeup and beauty. I like to blog about totally random things... From daily life, to things I like, Products I love and find interesting. I do my best to post every day. Hope you enjoy!
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