New Cable Cowl

designed a new cable pattern. I managed to make the cables bigger and more defined. I’m very excited with how it’s turning out. Sorry I haven’t been on. Dr. Hubby is in Paediatric Emergency and his call shifts are sending me for a loop. I’m exhausted. Hope you are all doing well. 





About Lise

Hello! Welcome to my life. Stay at home mom of three, and wife to a first year resident doctor. I spend my time cleaning, cooking, organizing, and balancing everything on one foot, as well as helping my mum run her etsy shop ( I add some of my creations sometimes) Check out On The Dock Knits on etsy, or the blog When I can, I love to take photos and crochet, I also love everything makeup and beauty. I like to blog about totally random things... From daily life, to things I like, Products I love and find interesting. I do my best to post every day. Hope you enjoy!
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One Response to New Cable Cowl

  1. Cables look great. I’d imagine that Pediatric Emergency has some wonky hours. Hope you get some sleep!

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