A little more about us….

I thought to myself that I should share a little more about who I am. “Doctor’s wife and mom of three” doesn’t quite cover it. It just sounds a little too glamorous.

My husband and I first met through curling, we were both on competitive curling teams and did pretty good. We happened to play against each other in a mixed bonspiel (I’m sad to say they kicked our butts. I like to say I was distracted by this handsome guy with the cute butt). He somehow got ahold of my number and we started hanging out. It was love at first sight, let’s just say we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I at the time had took a break from work to focus on my curling, and David was in his first year of university.

Three months later 😉 were pregnant! For the next few years after having our first baby girl. He was finishing up his bachelor of science. I finished college and was working with a cardiologist. We got engaged and then married in 2008.

My husband decided to go into medicine. So after he graduated with his bachelor in science he applied to medicine. We finally heard the fantastic news that he was accepted a few months after our second daughter was born. From that moment I knew things would be very different. He went from full time work to full time student, and i relied on my mum to babysit so I could keep working. When my parents retired and moved out of town, we made the decision for me to stay home with the kids (if I kept working I would just be working to pay for child care) so I left my wonderful job and started being a full time mom. Not long after that we welcomed our little boy into the world.

And so… Here we are. Three kids, four years of medical school done, now in his first year of residency in family medicine. A few more to go….

To be continued…..



About Lise

Hello! Welcome to my life. Stay at home mom of three, and wife to a first year resident doctor. I spend my time cleaning, cooking, organizing, and balancing everything on one foot, as well as helping my mum run her etsy shop ( I add some of my creations sometimes) Check out On The Dock Knits on etsy, or the blog onthedockknits.com. When I can, I love to take photos and crochet, I also love everything makeup and beauty. I like to blog about totally random things... From daily life, to things I like, Products I love and find interesting. I do my best to post every day. Hope you enjoy!
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